22 February 2009

Academic Writings

2014: "Tv-serier: The Wire og den tredje gullalderen" ["TV Series: The Wire and the Third Golden Age"], Universitetsforlaget, ISBN: 9788215023182.

2014: "Romantic authorship in copyright law and the uses of aesthetics", in The Work of Authorship, edited by Mireille van Eechoud, University Amsterdam Press. Available as free ebook here.

2013: "On the prospects of raising the originality requirement in copyright law: Perspectives from the Humanities", co-authored with Stef van Gompel, in The Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA, vol. 60, no. 3.Preprint available here.

2013: "Quality, merit, aesthetics and purpose: An inquiry into EU copyright law’s eschewal of other criteria than originality", co-authored with Stef van Gompel, in Revue Internationale du Droit d'Auteur, vol. 236. Preprint available here.

2012: "The Video Essay: The Future of Academic Film and Television Criticism?", in Frames, no. 1.

2012: "Style in The Wire", video essay on Vimeo.

2012: "Mystisk, magisk, svulstig, tragisk: Terrence Malicks The Tree of Life". Review of Tree of Life, in Ekfrase, no. 1, 2012.

2012: "Theory's Pyrrhic Victory", in Hunting High and Low. Skriftfest til Jostein Gripsrud, edited by Jan Fredrik Hovden and Karl Knapskog, Scandinavian Academic Press.

2011: "The Poetics and Rhetorics of The Wire's Intertextuality", in Critical Studies in Television, 1: 6.

2010: "Den norske filmoffentligheten" ["The Norwegian film sphere"], in Vagant, no. 4.

2010: "Forward to the Past: The Strange Case of The Wire", in Relocating Television. Television in the Digital Context, edited by Jostein Gripsrud, New York: Routledge.

2010: "Filmkritikkens vedvarende impotens - tid for digital Viagra?" ["The Persistent Impotence of Film Criticism - Time for Digital Viagra?"], in The Norwegian Journal of Media Studies, no. 1.

2009: "New Narrative Depths? Spectacle and Narrative in Blockbuster Cinema Revisited", in Nordicom Review, 30:2. Full text.

2009: "'Not the Obstacle but the Means': Film History and the Postmodern Challenge", in Rethinking History, 13:3. Full text (subscription required).

2009: "Instruktive filmanalyser" ["Instructive Film Analyses"]. Review of Filmanalytiske tradisjoner, in The Norwegian Journal of Media Studies, no. 2.

2009: "Relativt komplekst om narrativ kompleksitet" ["Relatively complex on narrative complexity"]. Review of Puzzle Films. Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema., in 16:9. Full text.

2008: "Filmkritikk i den digitale tidsalderen" ["Film Criticism in the Digital Era"], i Kulturjournalistikkens Offentlighet, (red. Karl Knapskog og Leif Ove Larsen). Spartacus Forlag.

2008: Changing Narratives. Five Essays on Hollywood History. My doctoral dissertation.

2008: "The Battle for the Blockbuster: Discourses of Spectacle and Excess", in New Review of Film and Television Studies, 6:2. Full text (subscription required).

2008: "Film audiences", co-authored with Jostein Gripsrud, in Handbook of Film Studies, edited by James Donald and Michael Renov, London: Sage.

2007: "Komikk og Romantikk i Hollywood" ("Comedy and Romance in Hollywood"), in 16:9, no. 20, February 2007. Full text.

2006: "Narrative Structure in The Sixth Sense: A New Twist in 'Twist Movies'?", in The Velvet Light Trap, no. 58. Full text (subscription required).

2006: "On the Prospects of a Postmodern Film Historiography", theory of science paper.

2006: "'The Way Bordwell Tells It': Om Klassisk og post-klassisk Hollywoodfilm", in The Norwegian Journal of Media Studies, no. 3. Full text.

2006: "'The Way Bordwell Tells It': On classical and post-classical Hollywood cinema", in The Norwegian Journal of Media Studies. Full text.

2004: "Pressen og teatrene. En case-studie fra Bergen", in Søkelys på kulturjournalistikk. Bergen: Department of Information Science and Media Studies. ISBN 82-8033-023-2.

2001: Kjærlighet i seriemonogamiets tidsalder. Romantiske komedier i Hollywood. Bergen: Institutt for Medievitenskap.