01 November 2006


2014: "Hva skjedde med TV-serien?", forfatterintervju, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, May 20. 

2012: Chairman of the jury, Bergen International Film Festival, October 17-24, best Norwegian documentary and short documentary

2010: The HBO effect. Presentation/debate at Studentersamfunnet, November 3.

2009: From classical Hollywood to new complexity. Presentation at Radisson SAS, Bergen, November 6.

2009: The crisis of film criticism. Presentation and panel discussion at the annual meeting of The Norwegian Association of Film Critics', Haugesund, August 26.

2009: Opening speech at Yang Fudong's exhibition "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest" at Foundation 3,14, Bergen May 8.

2009: Film analysis. Presentation at Fagleg-pedagogisk dag, Bergen, February 6.

2008: The formal features of cinema. Presentation for high school students, Haugesund, November 20.

2008: Film analysis. Presentation at Bergen International Film Festival, October 7.

2008: Film culture in the digital era. Presentation for Nordic journalists, Berlin, February 12.

2008: A Journey through Hollywood history. Presentation for Ascheough.
January 16. - Trondheim
January 23. - Kristiansand
January 24. - Bergen
February 4. - Asker

2007: Aesthetic tools: A digital revolution? Seminar/panel discussion at the Bergen International Film Festival, October 22. A short presentation can be found here.

2003-2007: Doctoral student. A short presentation of my project can be found here.

2006: Member of the organizing committee for the Norwegian Association of Media Researchers' 12th Conference in Bergen, Norway, October 19.-20.
2006: Panel discussion: David Lynch, Studentersamfunnet i Bergen, October 4.

2006: Series of lectures on film history at the University of Stavanger, March 1.-2.

2005: Singin' in the Rain, presentation for Bergen Filmklubb; March 3.

2005: Romantikk på film, presentation at Phonofestivalen; February 4.

2004: Panel discussion: Om innkjøpsordningen, Filmklubbforbundets årsmøte, April 24.

2003: Film dramaturgy, presentation at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, February 19.